The Company has Asia’s largest hatchery located in Chakri Rawalpindi. The Poultry incubation systems have been imported from USA (Chick Master International) and efficiently installed in the hatchery.Our hatchery is being managed with up to date facilities including modern air conditioning, humidification and fresh air supply systems for the proper incubation of eggs. The Eggs are being categorized with imported egg grading machines (Sanvo, Moba),  It is a weighing machine, calibrated in five gram steps. There are four compartments each calibrated to a weight range – 40-45 grams; 45-50 grams; 50-55 grams; 55-60 grams and 60-65 grams. Eggs weighing more than the respective weight range pass through the slot and are graded. This ensures uniform hatch and ultimate the production of uniform chicks and broilers. We have more than 48 chick master machines installed.It produces on an average of 4.8 million chicks per month.