SAP “kick off” Ceremony

SAP “kick off” Ceremony

Posted On April 26, 2019 11:29 pm

Salman Poultry is going to achieve another milestone by implementing SAP ERP System. Salman Poultry is pioneer in the poultry sector of Pakistan which is adopting SAP Enterprise Resource Planning System.

SAP implementation ‘kick off’ ceremony was held at Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi on February 22, 2019. Chief Executive, Salman Sadiq said while addressing the participants that SAP ERP System lead us to improve the productivity, lower down the cost and help in making the strategic business decision.


Management of Salman Poultry was very enthusiastic and exultant on eve of ‘Kick Off’ SAP Project. They hoped that SAP is dawn of new horizon and it will help us to manage business in modern way.


Manager Human Resource, Mudassar Hussain said on the eve of ‘Kick Off’ ceremony that our staff is competent and will implement SAP ERP System in true spirit. He further said that Salman Poultry is socially responsible corporate citizen and will reduce impact on environment by reducing paper usage with the help of SAP ERP System.


Manager IT, Kashif Ali said on the occasion that SAP ERP System will enable Salman Poultry to integrate end-to-end cross functional next generation business processes.